Climo Talk Articles by Melody Higdon

Melody Higdon

The Author

Melody retired as a Master Sergeant after a 20 year US Air Force career in weather forecasting. She taught Meterology, Management and other college courses for six years at Park College and worked ten years as a Climatological Technical Writer for the 14th Weather Squadron in Asheville, North Carolina. After a 37-year career in in the weather business, she is currently a technical editor for the US Navy.

Melody Higdon has authored two novels and numerous short stories and poems. Read samples and purchase her books at

Well, Blow Me Down!
Describes katabatic (downslope) winds
Castles Made of Sand
Sand dunes and operations within sand environments
Catch a Wave!
Atmospheric gravity waves
A Day at the Beach
The interaction between land and sea
Dust storms
Global Warming; a Debate for Today
Is it real?
It's about hail.
Heat - a Silent Killer
The effect of heat on people
Let It Snow!
The anatomy of snowflakes
Magic Tricks
Describes the various types of mirages
Maybe It's Cold Outside
Consequences of global warming: a possible ice age
Measuring Up
The Beaufort, Fujita and Saffir-Simpson wind scales
Misty Magic
Fog in its various forms
North Atlantic Oscillation
A Northern Hemisphere pressure variation that affects the weather
Our Raging Sun
Solar activity and its impact on the earth
Rain, Rain Go Away
The worldwide monsoon system
It's a Sad, Sad Story
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Shiver Me Timbers!
The impact of cold on humans
Spots Before My Eyes
The effect of sun spots on the world's climate
The Early Forecasters
A brief history of weather forecasting
Tropical Cyclones: Storms by Any Other Name
Why tropical cyclones are significant to humans
Why Are My Feet Wet?
Possible impacts of global warming
What Is Climate?
Defines a climate
1816: The Year Without a Summer
The impact of the eruption of volcano Tambora on the earth